Separating Cream

When you have orders for fresh raw cream, you want to keep the cream separator flowing. The milk hopper, this morning, might be a more full than what we’re comfortable with.

Milk sales have been picking up and so has the request for cream (heavy and regular). We process as close to the stove as possible. Using two double boilers to heat milk to 100ºF, we hope to move the filtered from milk-pails to glass jars as fluid and quickly as possible.

Once the separator hopper if full and ready, more milk goes into the double boilers. This morning, the hopper is REALLY full. We can’t even imagine the mess if it would have gotten dumped onto the floor.

They say, “There’s no sense crying over spilt milk,” – originally said, “No weeping for shed milk,” in 1655. The meaning is simple… Don’t spend your time worrying about things of the past that cannot be changed. Luckily, we did not spill.

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