Trailer – Let’s start homesteading with 2 Gals. Let’s do it now.

Welcome to The Homestead Podcast, with co-hosts Carol and Jamie. They are 2 Gals Homesteading.

If you found yourself here, that means you are ready to take responsibility for what you eat, your family’s health and well being while living a simpler life. You can do this and have fun, saving money along the way. Let us help you inleash the homesteader within.

Let’s start homesteading. Let’s do more with less… let’s do it now.

Carol & Jamie of2GalsHomesteading.com are your homesteading co-hosts. Jamie practices homesteading skills in town. Carol homesteads on the farm.

  • Small Farm, Sustainability & Homestead Living Group – Our Facebook group’s motto is ‘Do More With Less’.
    By embracing this simple motto, you will be on the rewarding path to gain what is needed to create confidence, impact, and change in your life and the lives around you.
    Our more than 182,000 members at the Small Farm, Sustainability & Homestead Living Facebook Group are proving this everyday.

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