Ep. 04 – A Consumer’s Guide to Purchasing Animals for Butchering – 2 Gals and The Butcher

Discover the unique experience of savoring wholesome, grass-fed meats from a trusted local butcher, Thad Erickson of Full Circle Meats on the Road Custom Cutting.

Here’s what we cover with Thad Erickson in this episode:

1. The difference between live weight and hanging weight when processing a beef, and the factors that affect yield.

2. The advantages of purchasing a whole or half animal compared to a quarter, such as specialty cuts, quality, and cost savings.

3. How to determine price per pound for hanging weight, including market trends, comparison to grocery stores, and knowing the farmer.

Thad Erickson is a local butcher from Kerkhoven, Minnesota, and the co-founder of Full Circle Meets on the Road Custom Cutting. He has been a meat manager at the grocery store level for many years and decided to take his experience to the next level during the pandemic.

As a farmer, Carol gives her insights from a producer’s point of view. Why and how she prices the animal the way she does

Jamie asks some great questions, understanding how lost a customer can be, when purchasing a live, whole or half of a beef or hog directly from a farmer and dealing with a butcher, after the purchase.

On The Road Custom Cutting is also on Facebook (facebook.com/ontheroadcustomcutting)

About Thad Erickson:

Thad was a grocery store level meat mananger, in the Minneapolis/St Paul, MN area for a number of years. During the pandemic, because of the meat processing plants shut-down crisis, Thad and a hunting partner helped hog farmers from the Rush City, MN area process and sell their hogs. Because of this positive experience, they took their meat cutting business to the next level. They decided to process meat full time, settling in the Kerkhoven, MN area to do so.

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