Ep. 12 – You Have Planned. Now Let’s Plant? – 2 Gals and Your Garden

Introducing a new 2GH podcast feature – Herb Of The Week. This week’s herrb is Garlic.


In this podcast episode, Jamie gives advice on planning and starting a garden. She suggests using a low-tech method of counting back from the last frost date, as well as using high-tech tools like the SeedTime app.

Jamie advises new gardeners to visit a local nursery and research lighting and equipment options. She also provides tips on starting plants from seeds, emphasizing the importance of moist soil, proper labeling, and fertilizing with fish fertilizer.

Jamie suggests using minimal water and watering from the bottom, thinning the plants, and gradually exposing them to outdoor conditions. The article also discusses reasons why seeds may not grow and alternative methods like winter sewing.

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Jamie is the gardener of the 2 Gals. She’s been doing it for a long time and she’s very good at it. In this epsiode, Jamie will explain many of the techniques to begin a successful gardening season… before the real growing season even begins.

  • (38:26) Jamie Takes Over for Gardening Season
  • Choosing Between Starting Seeds Inside or Direct Seeding Them.
  • Gardening Tips for the Year: Frost Dates, Altitude, and Growing Onions
  • “Organize Your Garden Tasks with SeedTime App
  • “Starting Seeds: Space, Time, and Lighting”
  • “Gardening Tips: Starting Peas in the Dirt”
  • “Tips for Germinating Seeds Indoors”
  • Growing Strong Plants: Tips and Tricks
  • “Tips for Successful Winter Sewing”
  • “Growing in Your Zone: Tips for Successful Gardening”
  • “Call to Action and Facebook Page Mention for Two Gals Homesteading Podcast”

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Until next time… Put some Kefir on it!

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