Ep. 13 – How To Season Your New and Restore Your Old Cookware – 2 Gals & Cast Iron


This episode covers a variety of topics, including making and storing cream cheese, preserving and vacuum sealing meat and vegetables, and using and caring for cast iron cookware. The hosts also discuss their personal experiences with homesteading and provide advice on simplifying life while taking responsibility for one’s food choices and family’s well-being.

The Homestead podcast, sponsored by PeteCoSupply.com, features co-hosts Carol and Jamie from 2GalsHomesteading.com as they share tips and ideas for homesteading, cooking, and canning.

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  • [00:00:00]Unleash Your Inner Homesteader with Two Gals Homesteading.
  • [00:00:30]Jamie’s Culinary Adventures
  • [00:03:17]”Creative Culinary Combinations: Cranberry Kombucha and Cranberry Sauce with Animal Crackers”
  • [00:06:49]How to Make Cottage Cheese by Clabbering Your Milk
  • [00:10:39]”Making and Cooking with Farmers Cheese”
  • [00:14:51]Harvesting, Cheese-making, and Veggie Entrees
  • [00:20:17]”Get Creative with Cream Cheese in Your Hot Dishes – No More Expiration Dates!”
  • [00:22:06]”Herb of the Week: New Podcast Feature Attempt & Fail”
  • [00:22:45]Winter Gardening Tips for a Bountiful Harvest
  • [00:27:02]Reviving Neglected Cast Iron: How to Remove Rust with Electrolysis
  • [00:33:02]”Cast Iron Care: Seasoning and Cooking Tips”
  • [00:40:11]Common Mistakes to Avoid When Cooking with Cast Iron
  • [00:44:56]Cast Iron Storage Tips and Execution Time Questions
  • [00:47:49]Cooking with Cast Iron in the Oven
  • [00:53:59]Cooking Tips and Q&A with Jamie: Cast Iron 101
  • [00:56:15]Burner Restrictions (if any) and Cast Iron Usage Tips

Carol & Jamie of2GalsHomesteading.com are your homesteading co-hosts. Jamie practices homesteading skills in town. Carol homesteads on the farm.

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Until next time… Put some Kefir on it!

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