Ep. 16 – From Cow to Butter: Making Raw Milk Butter on Your Homestead

The hosts delve into the history of butter, its industrialization, and the rise of margarine as a substitute.

They provide various methods of making butter using raw milk or excess cream, including equipment to use and different types of butter to make.

They also highlight the health benefits, including the immune-boosting properties of raw milk butter vs pasteurized (store-bought) butter, while emphasizing its superior taste.

The conversation covers the best practices for storing and packaging butter, as well as the many uses for excess butter such as for skin care and shining up leather.

The episode suggests different methods for making butter at home and emphasizes the importance of removing all buttermilk from the butter.

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Carol & Jamie of2GalsHomesteading.com are your homesteading co-hosts. Jamie practices homesteading skills in town. Carol homesteads on the farm.


  • [00:00:00]”Creating Confidence, Impact, and Change Through Homesteading (Intro)”
  • [00:00:35]”Making Raw Milk Butter on Your Homestead”
  • [00:00:52]Butter Production Process and Tips
  • [00:02:32]The History of Butter Production
  • [00:09:03]”Baking with Margarine vs. Butter”
  • [00:10:16]”Make Your Own Butter with Raw Milk Cream”
  • [00:15:09]”Finding Raw Milk Sources”
  • [00:18:51]Getting Thick Cream from Whole Milk
  • [00:22:35]Making Sweet Cream Butter or Cultured Butter
  • [00:28:08]Buttermilk as a Milk Substitute and Choosing the Right Butter Churn
  • [00:31:02]Washing and Churning Butter
  • [00:36:53]Storing and using Buttermilk as a Culture.
  • [00:40:40]Raw Milk Butter for Skin Care and unique uses
  • [00:45:28]”Benefits of Using Raw Milk Butter”
  • [00:48:43]The Episode Summary
  • [00:50:12]The Homestead Podcast, Sponsored by PeteCoSupply.com

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