Ep. 18 – “From Pickling to Fermenting: How to Preserve Foods for a Healthy Gut and Sustainable Lifestyle” – Food Preservation 101 – Part 2

In this episode of “Food Preservation 101“, we’ll be exploring the different processes, tips and techniques for optimal results in pickling and fermenting food. This is the second part of a multi-part series that aims to provide a comprehensive guide to food preservation.


In this week’s episode, Carol and Jamie from 2GalsHomesteading.com discuss the differences between pickling and fermenting, and provide a simple pickling recipe with vinegar. They also touch on the benefits of pickling and provide tips for perfect pickling. In addition, the co-hosts explore the world of fermented foods, from sauerkraut to kefir, and explain how to perform easy fermentation techniques.

Overall, this informative podcast encourages listeners to unleash their inner homesteader and take control of their food and family’s health.

Learn all about the why and how of making sauerkraut and other fermented foods in this informative podcast. Discover the benefits of making your own yogurt. Also, explore the art of making sourdough starter, including the history of San Francisco sourdough. With expert tips on timing fermentation and experimenting with different foods. This podcast is a great resource for anyone interested in gut health and food preservation through fermentation.

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Whether you’re a seasoned food preserver or just starting out, this episode is packed with useful information that will help you make the most of your pickling and fermenting endeavors. Tune in for another informative and engaging discussion on food preservation!

Carol & Jamie of2GalsHomesteading.com are your homesteading co-hosts. Jamie practices homesteading skills in town. Carol homesteads on the farm.


  • [00:00:00]”Unleashing the Homesteader Within with 2GalsHomesteading.com”
  • [00:00:44]Pickling vs Fermenting: What’s the Difference?
  • [00:04:41]”Exploring the Benefits of Pickling”
  • [00:05:53]Quick Pickling Recipe with Vinegar
  • [00:08:44]Tips for Perfect Pickling
  • [00:13:12]”Automatic Waterers and Farm Supplies at PeteCoSupply”
  • [00:14:07]”The World of Fermented Foods: From Kimchi to Kefir”
  • [00:19:12]Easy Fermentation with Sauerkraut
  • [00:25:00]”Teaching the Whys and Hows of Sauerkraut Making”
  • [00:25:31]Making Your Own Yogurt with Kelsey
  • [00:30:57]Making Sourdough Starter and Buying Dehydrated Starter from DFFarmstead.com
  • [00:32:22]”Fermenting Timing Tips”
  • [00:36:09]”Perfecting Your Sourdough with Longer Winter Dough Rises”
  • [00:39:33]”Fermenting for Gut Health”
  • [00:40:39]”Fermented Foods and Fun Experiments”
  • [00:45:59]The Crunch Factor: Canned vs Fermented Foods in Minnesota
  • [00:46:57]Making Root Beer: Sugar and Flavoring?
  • [00:48:03]Fermenting Any Vegetable with Holly Howe from MakeSauerkraut.com
  • [00:48:46]”Food Preservation through Fermenting and Pickling”


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