Ep. 20 – Mastering the Homesteader’s Garden: From Cool Season Veggies to Natural Pest Deterrents


Co-hosts Carol and Jamie share tips for starting cool season veggies indoors, the benefits of crop rotation, and natural pest deterrents. This informative podcast is perfect for those looking to unleash their inner homesteader and take control of their family’s health and well-being while living a simpler life.

They cover various gardening tips and techniques to deal with common issues faced by gardeners. The hosts discusses how certain plants can act as host plants to repel pests from vegetables you want to keep. Additionally, Jamie talks about the effectiveness of using chicken wire to protect vegetables from rabbits and deer. The episode also explores edible plants like lamb’s quarter and planting considerations, trellising techniques, sweet corn pollination, and watering time and method considerations.

In this podcast, the hosts discuss a cost-effective sprinkler option for watering plants and share their technique for planting tomatoes horizontally to combat wind issues. The hosts also discuss using worm and weed barriers in their gardens and introduce their upcoming guests who are homesteading experts.

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  • [00:00:00] Introduction and Welcome
  • [00:00:35] Weekly catch-up.
  • [00:00:55] “Gardening updates”
  • [00:05:58] Gardening plans.
  • [00:06:53] Gardening update.
  • [00:10:56] Late Spring Gardening Tips.
  • [00:16:29] “Starting cool season veggies indoors”
  • [00:25:09] Crop rotation benefits.
  • [00:27:53] Natural Pest Deterrents.
  • [00:30:00] “Edible Lamb’s Quarter and Animal Pressure”
  • [00:35:42] Planting considerations.
  • [00:41:13] “Examples of Reusable Containers”
  • [00:42:14] Watering Tips.
  • [00:43:55] Trellising techniques in gardening.
  • [00:49:25] Sweet Corn Pollination
  • [00:54:38] Watering Time and Method Considerations.
  • [01:00:00] “Cost-effective sprinkler option”
  • [01:00:31] Planting Tomatoes Horizontally
  • [01:02:20] “Worms and Weed Barrier”

Carol & Jamie of2GalsHomesteading.com are your homesteading co-hosts. Jamie practices homesteading skills in town. Carol homesteads on the farm.

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